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ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS Ninth Edition Education


Ninth Edition Errata 1.pdf (Effective 1 July 2015)
Corrections to Coding Exercise Workbook_Ninth Edition.pdf

Ninth Edition education is being provided online to facilitate:

  • ​consistency of delivery
  • repeatable learning
  • free participation - budget friendly
  • unlimited access - supports 100% workforce participation

There are no face-to-face workshops.


  • that users will be aware of Ninth Edition changes through the Reference to Changes for Ninth Edition
  • that major updates will be highlighted through tutorial videos
  • that users can apply their learning through exercises
  • that users can demonstrate their participation through the challenge quiz

Steps to participate in the online education program​

Each participant should:

  1. Review the Reference to Changes for Ninth Edition detailing all updates made from Eighth to Ninth Edition. NB: the Reference to Changes for Ninth Edition does not contain exercises.
  2. Review the tutorial videos covering major updates. Videos are individually presented to allow users to review topics multiple times if necessary.  Powerpoint slides are also available as PDF documents.
    • Optimal viewing of videos is in full-screen mode by selecting the icon in the top right corner of the video. To return to the Education page, use the Escape key.
    • Volume can be adjusted on both the computer and the video itself. If you work in a shared environment, you may prefer to use headphones if you don't wish to disturb others.
  3. Complete the Coding Exercise Workbook containing exercises and answers related to major updates. 
    • ​​​​​The complete​ workbook is provided on the Coding Exercise Workbook page. In addition, individual exercises relevant to specific updates are ​duplicated and located with the related tutorial video.​

  4. Complete the challenge quiz once all tutorial videos and exercises have been completed to receive a participation certificate. The challenge quiz is based on major updates.
  5. Complete the participant evaluation survey​.
  6. Submit any education queries related to the Ninth Edition updates, using the link providedThese education queries will be reviewed to inform the Frequently Asked Questions to be published in Coding Rules. Individual responses will not be provided.

It is expected that to complete all the video tutorials and exercises will not exceed a normal working day. However, you may choose to pace the education over several days. The total running time of all videos is approximately 2.5 hours so the time to complete the education will depend on how long users take to complete the coding exercises in addition to review of the videos. This estimate does not include the time taken to review the Reference to Changes for Ninth Edition.  

IT Specifications

For information on IT requirements, please refer to this document IT-Specifications.pdf.

Please note: In some browsers, the PDF files do not open in a new tab or window. If this is the case and if after viewing/downloading the file you can navigate back by hitting the back arrow in your browser. If you close the tab you will have to reopen the Online Education Training site.

Should you encounter any technical problems, please contact your manager or IT department in the first instance.



ACCD is committed to making its web content accessible to all users.  Should you encounter any difficulties in relation to accessibility, please email