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Compiled Document

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​​​Reference to Changes for Tenth Edition Version 2.0.pdf
Version 2.0 only reflects amended page numbering, no content has changed as compared to Version 1.0
​The material contained in the Reference to Ch​anges for ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS​ Tenth Edition documents the changes in ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS Tenth Edition that have been made since ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS Ninth Edition.

The document is structured to match the ICD-10-AM chapters and updates
​ with the exception of Chapter 0​.

Please note, navigation bookmarks only show in the downloaded PDF saved to your system.​​ Due to the file size downloading may take some time. You can also download individual chapters below.

​​​Individual Chapters / Specialties​​ (Open/Download)

Chapter 0.pdf
  • 001 Dagger/asterisk convention
  • 002 Type 1 and Type 2 Exclusions and Conventions
  • 003 Procedural complications
  • 004 Same-day endoscopy​
  • 005 Gouty nephrolithiasis, retroperitoneal fibrosis and IgG4-related disease​
  • 006 Botulinum toxin injection​
  • ​007 Destruction procedures for liver, k​idney and prostate​
  • 008 Abscess drainage
  • 009 Organ procurement and machine perfusion 
  • 010 Robotic-assisted surgery ​
  • 011 ACHI Chapter 19 Notes and Glossary descriptions/definitions ​
  • 012 MBS updates on ultrasound of male and female pelvis and CT of temporo-mandibular joint
  • 013 ACS 0002 Additional diagnoses and incidental findings and conditions 
  • 014 ACS 0012 Suspected conditions​
  • 015 ACS 0042 Procedures normally not coded​
  • 016 ACS 0048 Condition onset flag 
  • 017 ACS Abbreviations
  • 018 Newborns affected by maternal cause and birth trauma ​
  • 019 Minor addenda ​

Chapter 1: Certain infectious and parasitic diseases​
 Chapter 12:  Skin and subcutaneous tissue​​
Chapter 2: Neoplasms Chapter 13Musculoskeletal system and connective tissue​
 Chapter 3:​ Diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs and certain disorders involving the immune mechanism​Chapter 14:  Genitourinary system
Chapter 4: Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases​ Chapter 15: Pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium​
 Chapter 5:  Mental and behavioural disorders​Chapter 16: Certain conditions originating in the perinatal period​
 Chapter 6:  Nervous system​ Chapter 17: ​Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities - no changes
 Chapter 7: Eye and adnexa​​Chapter 18: Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, 
not elsewhere classified
 Chapter 8: Ear, nose, mouth and throat (ENMT) - no changes​Chapter 19: Injury, poisoning and certain other consequences of  external causes​
 Chapter 9. Circulatory system​20. External causes of morbidity​ - no changes
Chapter 10: Respiratory system
​Chapter 21: Factors influencing health status and contact with health services
Chapter 11: Digestive system